Senator John Fetterman Secures $1M for the William Way LGBT Community Center


Sen. John Fetterman and exterior of William Way LGBT Community Center.
Images via John Fetterman & Facebook.
John Fetterman has secured $1M in funding for the William Way LGBT Community Center.

Months after US House Republicans voted to remove federal funding from two LGBTQ centers in Philadelphia, help is on the way, writes Sean Kitchen for The Keystone.

Senator John Fetterman announced recently that his office has secured $1 million in funding for the William Way LGBT Community Center in Washington Square.

Founded in 1975, the William Way LGBT Community Center aims to meet the health, social, and cultural needs of Philadelphia’s LGBTQ+ community, and the most vulnerable populations in the city. 

The new funding will allow the center to increase its usable space by 78% by transforming two old rowhomes into a complex for its programs and organizations. 

“These projects will benefit our rural communities and farmers, our servicemembers and veterans, our unhoused population, and so many other Pennsylvanians,” said Fetterman in a press release. 

In July, House Republicans voted 32-26 during an Appropriations Committee to strip funding to this, and two other LGBTQ centers. 

In reaction to the vote, Fetterman said, “They must stop playing partisan games and get to work so we can deliver these investments where they are needed.”

Read more about how Sen. Fetterman and the William Way LGBT Community Center plan to support Philadelphia’s vulnerable communities in The Keystone.


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