Founder of Philadelphia-based High Street Hospitality Group Ellen Yin Talks New Location, Compensation Model


Ellen Yin
Image via Total Food Service.
Ellen Yin has a chance to win her second James Beard Award this year, as many other Philadelphia-area chefs vie for their first.

High Street Hospitality Group, founded and co-owned by James Beard Award-winning restaurateur Ellen Yin, recently opened its sixth business in Philadelphia on High Street, writes Kristen Hawley for Expedite.

The new restaurant started dinner service in October 2023 and is now expanding to lunch and brunch. The establishment is attached to the group’s High Street Bakery.

“We had the luxury of a massive kitchen, and so part of my arrangement with my landlord was that I was going to take over the former dining room space, an additional 3500 square feet, if I wanted to continue here. We were so well-received by the neighborhood that we decided, of course, we’re going to stay,” said Yin.

For the new location, the group chose a 20% service charge model to try and improve wage equity between front and back-of-house.

“Everyone gets paid a standard hourly rate that ranges from $18 to $30, and any additional tips get distributed to the front of house, with the service charges used to pay for things like labor and benefits,” said Yin.

So far, most like it.

“Very few guests have challenged it. But we focus on giving a great hospitality experience as well,” said Yin.

Read more about Ellen Yin’s business approach and outlook on the hospitality industry at Expedite.


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