Decades of Eagles Cheerleaders Reflect on Their Experiences

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders
Image via Wikimedia Commons.
The Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders have been a staple for over 75 years.

For over 75 years, the Philadelphia Eagles have had cheerleaders on the sidelines rooting for their home team during games, writes Maria McIlwain for The Philadelphia Inquirer

Over the years, countless women have become Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders, and a number of them can speak to the unique experiences they had during their tenures.

Maggie Trush Hammond had always dreamed of becoming an Eagles cheerleader, getting inspired by watching the cheerleaders of the 1980s.

After missing the cut in 1992, the following year, her dream was realized.

The feeling was insurmountable.

“It’s like winning Miss America. You cry, you put your hands over your face, you jump up and down. … It was a dream come true,” said Trush Hammond.

Marylou Tammaro has experienced multiple Eagles eras between the 1970s and early 2000s, and saw the evolution of the sport and the dances. 

Janet Harding, who cheered from 1999 to 2008, is another having cheered both at Veterans Stadium and Lincoln Financial Field during her tenure.

Overall, Eagles cheerleaders have had the chance to really embrace Philadelphia and build camaraderie between each other and Eagles personnel. 

“You take it as a professional job, to represent the organization in appearance and speaking and engaging,” said Carethia Thomas, former Eagles cheerleader and choreographer.

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