$480 Million Dredging Projects Puts the Delaware River On a Transformational Path

The Port of Philadelphia/Delaware River ships goods in and out of the region.
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The Port of Philadelphia/Delaware River ships various goods in and out of the region.

The Delaware River has long been a crucial source for shipping goods in and out of the region, and soon, its efforts will be expanded, writes Hugh Morley for Delaware Currents.

This is thanks to a new $480 million dredging project, invested mainly by the federal government and the Port of Philadelphia, to deepen the river’s main channel.

The goal is to prepare the river for large vessels that are expected to serve global shipping routes and compete with ports along the East Coast

The Delaware River delivers goods that feed and clothe consumers, supports businesses, helps manufacturers get their products transported abroad, and drives the region’s economy. 

The Port of Philadelphia — or PhilaPort — estimated the economic impact of the port at about $1.6 billion, the river’s combined maritime industry at $18.2 billion, and bringing about 67,000 jobs in the region. 

The port handled 7.4 million tons of cargo in 2022, which represents a 4% increase over the year before. 

“We’ve had growth in all our categories, it’s just that you’re not getting the big number of growth,” said Dominic O’Brien, port spokesman. 

With the new funding, more growth is likely on the horizon for the Delaware River. 

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