New York Times: Philly’s Black Thought Sheds Light on His Life Through New Memoir, “The Upcycle Self”

Black Thought and the cover of his new memoir.
Images via Black Thought.
Black Thought has released his memoir.

For decades, Black Thought has been known as the frontman for The Roots, but not much else is known about him.

That is likely set to change, however, as the rapper is set to release his new memoir, “The Upcycled Self,” writes Julian Kimble for The New York Times

The book takes a deep dive into his upbringing in Philadelphia during the 1970s and 1980s and the experiences and influences that made him the artist and man he is today.

As a storyteller, Black Thought is often inspired by documentaries.

“I’ll get a nugget from something in there that will spark the bar that leads to the song or whatever the composition evolves from,” he said. 

Musically, Black Thought has gained inspiration from the likes of Earth, Wind & Fire; Marvin Gaye; Rick James; Teena Marie; Stevie Wonder; and others.

That variety of artists has helped him with his own range as an artist.

Beyond that, Black Thought is a big fan of historical dramas; as well as Spike Lee, Martin Scorsese, and Robert De Niro films.

Overall, the book gives the readers a chance to know the man born Tariq Trotter.

Read more about Black Thought’s tastes and inspirations at The New York Times.


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