NY Times: Philadelphia’s Athena Dixon Authors Memoir, ‘THE LONELINESS FILES,’ Tackling the Intricacies of Isolation in Today’s Age

Athena Dixon and the cover to her latest book.
Images via Athena Dixon.
Athena Dixon is a Philadelphia-based author and this is her latest book release.

Athena Dixon’s latest work as an author looks at a theme that has long been around, but was heightened to a degree during the pandemic, writes Melissa Bond for The New York Times

The Philadelphia-based author originally from Northeast Ohio recently published a book titled, “THE LONELINESS FILES: A Memoir in Essays.”

The book tackles the topic of isolation and the challenges of finding the balance of it being a comfort or a hindrance in the digital age.

In the book, Dixon uses social media as her muse to distract her from the struggles of isolation and loneliness that won’t heal until directly addressed. 

The question is asked, “In what ways do we fill our own lives with distractions instead of looking hard for a sense of self?”

By making this reference, Dixon relates to other individuals who indulge in the technological advances of today as a formality. 

“I know what the bubble is constructed of; how shiny it looks in the light; and how dull it is from the inside. I live inside it. I created it,” she said. 

Overall, the book looks into ways the people can find their way back to in-person connections rather than virtual.

Read more about Dixon’s latest book and some others at The New York Times.


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