Renovations For Amtrak’s 30th Street Station Now Projected to Cost $550M, Timeline Delayed

30th Street Station will be renovated in different phases over the next 4 years.
Image via Amtrak.
30th Street Station will be seeing numerous changes over the next handful of years.

After initial estimates between $300 and $400 million to renovate 30th Street Station, that price tag has now skyrocketed to $550 million, writes Emma Dooling for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Amtrak spokeswoman Beth Toll credited the increase to the expansion of Amtrak’s corporate office renovations at the train station — using the entirety of the available space — and other market factors. 

In addition to the increased cost, Amtrak has also pushed back the expected timeline of the completed renovated project from 2025 to October 2027.

In addition to the Amtrak corporate office space, the renderings of the renovation project include new outdoor and indoor seating, updated ticket and baggage claim areas, and additional spaces for retailers, including bookstores, luggage sellers, and dining concepts. 

Following the renovations, Toll said there will be room for a total of about 20 concepts. 

The project will be completed in different phases over the next four years.

While bringing new aspects, Amtrak and Plenary Infrastructure Philadelphia also plan to preserve some of the historic aspects of 30th Street Station, as well. 

This includes its finishes, storefronts, bronze doors, lighting, and wooden benches. 

Upon its completion, the plan could create $3.8 billion in benefits and 40,000 new jobs. 

Read more about the renovations taking place at 30th Street Station at the Philadelphia Business Journal.


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