Kensington Photographer CJ Wolfe Turns Passion into Empowering Community Venture With Business, Immortal Vision Studio

CJ Wolfe, former banker turned photographer and entrepreneur.
Image via Linkedin.
CJ Wolfe, the founder of Immortal Vision Studio. At the height of the pandemic, Wolfe launched Immortal Vision Studio in Kensinhgton to feed his photography passion and provide a path for more industry diversity.

When CJ Wolfe left his job in banking at the height of the pandemic, he did so to pursue his passion for photography, writes Christie Ileto for 6abc

While the passion for photography was always there, other circumstances initially stood as obstacles.

“When I started out in college, I didn’t have anyone that looked like me, nor had the resources to get into photography,” he said. 

However, Wolfe didn’t want to let those obstacles stop him.

In 2021, he started Immortal Vision Studio in Kensington, where he works and rents to local photographers who need the space for their own photography.

Since the launch, Wolfe and his team have produced more than 500 projects.

For Wolfe, his photography and entrepreneurial venture serve a much greater purpose.

“My job is to focus on the city’s Black and brown photographers under the age of 30 and give them the resources they need in order to chase their dreams like I did,” he said. 

More recently, Wolfe started a mentorship program focused on helping children of color break into the industry.

This can go a long way toward creating the kind of change in the industry he hopes to see.

Learn more about CJ Wolfe’s passion and mission in 6abc.


CJ Wolfe, a Philly-based photographer and entrepreneur.

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