Philadelphia Has Developed into a Breeding Ground for Young Entrepreneurial Minds


Entrepreneurs in Philadelphia are among the youngest in the United States.
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Philadelphia’s economy is brewing with fresh, innovative ideas and a key reason as to why is the age of the entrepreneurs in the city, writes Ryan Mulligan for the Philadelphia Business Journal

A recent analysis produced by LendingTree found that the average age of an entrepreneur in Philadelphia is 34.44 years. 

Philadelphia’s average age ranks among the youngest in the nation, along with Salt Lake City, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Providence.  

Each of the first four city’s average age of entrepreneurs is between 34.13 years and 34.27 years, while Providence’s average age is 34.52.  

Isabelle Kent, executive director of Philly Startup Leaders, credited the pandemic for helping develop many of the region’s young entrepreneurs. 

“We saw this massive influx of entrepreneurs that really are coming in as first-time founders and haven’t had a lot of experience in this world yet, which is unique that I think that we face in Philly more so than some other ecosystems,” she said. 

Pennsylvania has the fifth youngest entrepreneurs by average age at 34.25 years, aided especially by the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh entrepreneur communities. while the average age for entrepreneurs in the United States is 36.4 years. 

Learn more about where Philadelphia and other top U.S. cities rank in terms of entrepreneur ages in the Philadelphia Business Journal.  


Philly Startup Leaders hosts Entrepreneur Expo each year.

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