Philadelphia’s Water Views Aren’t Accessible to All. This Entrepreneur Wants to Change That


Georgette Luna, founder of Sea Philly.
Image via Sea Philly.
Georgette Luna strives to increase access and diversity in Philadelphia's waters.

As a first-generation American of Chilean descent, Georgette Luna has strived to fully immerse herself in what the United States has to offer, writes Janelle Burrell and Rory Hardenstine for CBS News Philadelphia.

Growing up in Queens, New York, Luna didn’t know a lot about boats but became enamored with them after learning more about them from her husband.

In 2021, the two of them started Sea Philly, a private charter company that uses a small boat that can seat up to six people, allowing them to tour the Delaware River and Schuylkill in Philadelphia.

Her decision to start the company was simple.

“Really just realizing how many people have never actually experienced Philadelphia’s waterfront and been out here,” she said. 

Luna wants to provide the kind of access she never had growing up and has been able to do just that, as about 97% of her clientele have never experienced the scope of Philadelphia’s riverfront.

In addition to plans of growing Sea Philly, Luna wants to be an inspiration to others.

“This has been a really fun career for me and I would love to see more people that look like me and my community out on the water,” she said. 

Learn more about the woman striving to increase access to Philadelphia’s water views in CBS News Philadelphia.


Georgette Luna is the founder of Sea Philly.

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