Vogue: As Phillies Make Second Straight NLCS, A Long-Time Fan Finds Inspiration


The Philadelphia Phillies celebrate close of inning.
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The Philadelphia Phillies are on their way to second consecutive NLCS.

Megan Angelo was 9 years old when the Philadelphia Phillies took a trip to the 1993 World Series and it was an experience she’ll never forget, she writes for Vogue.  

Her young mind was enamored by the tough, rugged guys on the team, from Curt Schilling to Lenny Dykstra and Larry Bowa, and others.  

As she also thinks back to the 2008 Phillies that won the World Series, or the current iteration of the ball club that has made back-to-back National League Championship Series, she’s come to two realizations. 

The sport and players today are much different than they were growing up, and now as a mother, she wants the sport to be something that remains in her family.  

“They’ve restored my faith in tradition … proven that things can be handed down and still live up to their time,” she said.  

The level of support the fans give today’s players are parallel to previous generations and the players are showing that same love back. 

“It feels good to root, without reservation or compromise, for guys who kids can be inspired by,” said Angelo.  

These Phillies are guys she hopes her son can look up to.  

Read more about Megan Angelo’s love for the Philadelphia Phillies in Vogue.  


The Philadelphia Phillies were the 2008 World Series champions.

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