Philadelphia Phillies Saw the Biggest Attendance Increase of Any MLB Team This Season

The fans cheer on the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park.
Image via Philadelphia Phillies.
The Philadelphia Phillies saw the biggest attendance increase of any MLB team this season.

The MLB saw its biggest attendance increase in the last 25 years, writes Maury Brown for Forbes

The Philadelphia Phillies were among the league’s biggest beneficiaries of the attendance increase. 

The ball club saw the biggest fan attendance increase from 2022 in Citizens Bank Park, increasing its per game attendance by nearly 10,000 from the previous season. 

This is over 2,000 more than any other team, as the Cincinnati Reds came in second with an increase per game of just under 8,000. 

There are several factors that likely played a role in the league’s attendance increases. 

Some of these factors include a schedule that saw each team play one another at least once, a quicker-paced game, and a number of teams whose playoff and wildcard seedings remained up in the air until the final day of the regular season. 

The 2023 season also saw a nearly 10% increase in ticket sales, surpassing over 7 million for the first time since 2017.  

In addition, the overall average league attendance also saw a 9.1% increase, which ranks as the highest growth percentage in 30 years.  

Baseball has long been classified as America’s pastime, and the numbers showing that its popularity is still firmly intact. 

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Alicia Roberts chats with Phillies fans at Citizens Bank Park ahead of Red October.

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