The Athletic: Phillies’ Bryce Harper Has Moments and Numbers That Give Him Claim to Historic Greatness

Harper Home Run Swing
Image via MLB on Youtube.
After another amazing showing last week when the Phillies needed it the most in his team's three games to one win over the Atlanta Braves, Bryce Harper is marking October as his month.

After another amazing showing against the Braves, Philadelphia Phillies’ Bryce Harper proved once again that October is his month, writes Jayson Stark for The Athletic.

Bryce Harper is no stranger to game-changing and season-changing swings and the one he made in the third innings Wednesday night when his team needed it the most was among them.

“He’s just one of those guys where it feels like any time you need a run, you need a hit, you need a home run, he’s always up,” said teammate, Bryson Stott. “And then he always does what he’s supposed to do.”

And watching him play makes it easy to realize why Harper has a claim not just to greatness but to historic greatness.

He has both the numbers and those incredible moments that can change the game, and he has the gift of achieving both when they mean the most. One of those moments happened Wednesday night, almost as if he is capable of conjuring them up on demand – which is not something many players can do.

“Every time,” said Phillies reliever Jeff Hoffman. “Every time. It’s incredible. That’s something that, it only happens to the greats.”

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