After Decades of Leading Homeless Advocacy Non-Profit Project HOME, Sister Mary Scullion Retires

Sister Mary Scullion in Philadelphia
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Sister Mary Scullion, an activist from Philadelphia, has decided it is time to step down as head of Project HOME.

Sister Mary Scullion, an activist from Philadelphia, who was named by Time as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2009, has decided it is time to step down as head of Project HOME, after over three decades of leading the nonprofit, writes Fionnuala Boyle for the Irish Star.

The Irish-American religious sister co-founded the anti-homelessness organization in the 1980s with Joan Dawson McConnon.

The goal was to provide supportive housing and employment as well as education and healthcare to homeless and low-income people to help break the cycle of poverty and homelessness in Philadelphia.

During her time leading Project HOME, Sister Mary built the nonprofit into a $52 million operation from a single winter shelter in South Philadelphia. Today, the formidable institution has 1,000 units of housing in 19 residences throughout the city along with dozens of programs.

“It’s never just about one organization or one person but I am most proud of the work that Joan and I have done to form a beloved community of folks that share a mission of ending and preventing homelessness,” said Sister Mary.

Learn more about the remarkable legacy of Sister Mary Scullion and the impact she’s had on the homeless population in the Irish Star.

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