N.Y. Times: Temple Alum, Warhol-Connected Magazine Publisher Remembered for Success with Niche Audiences


Richard Ekstract
Richard Ekstract.

Temple University alum Richard Ekstract, a magazine publisher who played an interesting role in Andy Warhol’s career, has died at 92, writes Penelope Green for The New York Times.

Ekstract was a media mogul who amassed a small fortune with a cottage industry of around 20 trade and consumer publications. He moved from electronics and video to decorating and real estate.

Still, it was his early collaboration with Warhol that many still remember him for. In 1965, Ekstract was a budding trade journal publisher in New York. His only title at the time was Audio Times. In the summer of that year, he lent Warhol a prototype of a Norelco “slant-track” video camera. Until then, Warhol had been making 16-millimeter films.

The clunky Norelco was expensive and difficult to use, but Warhol ended up playing with it for months. The result was a landmark work, Outer and Inner Space.

Ekstract had a firm belief in honest journalism, which led him and his wife, Eileen, to found an endowment and research fund to promote credibility in the media at Temple.

Read more about Richard Ekstract’s long and distinguished career in journalism in The New York Times.


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