Kensington-Based Philadelphia Brewing Company Rebounds from Revenue Loss with Help from the City 


Philadelphia Brewing Company
Image via Philadelphia Brewing Company.

After nearly a year, Philadelphia Brewing Company in Kensington has received a City check for lost revenue, writes John McDevitt for KYW Newsradio. 

In September 2022, a Community Life Improvement Program crew that maintains vacant lots across the city accidentally cut down the hops — an essential ingredient in the beers — the brewery had grown. 

They had been mistaken for weeds. 

The cutting led to Philadelphia Brewing Company being unable to brew its once-a-year “Harvest From the Hood” brewed beer. 

Each fall, the brewery releases the beer, which is brewed on the same day that the locally grown hops are picked.  

“We did have to file a complaint, a form with them, and we had to show all kinds of paperwork and lost revenue,” said Nancy Barton, co-owner of Philadelphia Brewing Company.  

The City admitted to its mistake, issued an apology, and has handed Philadelphia Brewing Company a compensation check to help the company move forward. 

This year, the brewery has safely harvested its hops crop and its brewed beer will be ready to drink during its big fall party on Sunday, Oct. 1. 

Read more about how Philadelphia Brewing Company has rebounded from last year’s lost revenue at KYW Newsradio.


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