Firstrust Bank Remains Steadfastly Committed to Point Breeze, the Community Where It All Began

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Established in 1934, Firstrust Bank has deep-rooted history in the Point Breeze neighborhood of South Philadelphia, where founder Samuel Green was driven by a vision to create a secure haven for homeownership at a time when commercial banks were not lending to certain segments of the community.

Firstrust Bank has evolved through the decades, expanding its reach and services, but one thing that hasn’t changed is its commitment to Point Breeze, the community where it all began. The bank has continuously and steadfastly served Point Breeze for 89 years, even when every other financial institution has either left the neighborhood or been determined not to be there at all.

In keeping with its mission to cultivate prosperity in the communities it serves, Firstrust Bank recently donated $5,000 to I-LEAD, an educational nonprofit that aims to improve the local quality of life by helping to strengthen citizens as effective community leaders, as part of the 12th Annual Community Appreciation Day in Point Breeze.

This year’s edition of Community Appreciation Day carried the theme of “Education Matters 2023.” The day-long event occupied four blocks in Point Breeze and featured social service information, educational resources, live entertainment, free food, and amusement rides for the 2,500 residents in attendance. Also, nearly 1,000 bookbags stuffed with school supplies were given away.

Locals described the day as a joyful blend of music, food, and camaraderie that strengthened neighborhood bonds.

“It’s a great event to bring the community together,” Lisa Thomas told 6ABC. “I mean, it’s so much going on that the children out here need to see something that’s positive and see that they can all come together and be as one.”

Amidst the celebration, Firstrust Bank’s donation resonated as a strong reminder of the role businesses can play in nurturing their communities.

“Businesses have the power to nourish and uplift, not just their bottom line, but the neighborhoods they call home,” said Tim Abell, CEO and President of Firstrust Bank. “At Firstrust, we strive to live our mission to cultivate prosperity for our customers, and the communities we serve every day. We are delighted to continue our long-standing support of the Point Breeze community with our recent donation to I-LEAD.”

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