Cabrini University Students Dive into Advanced Research at PCOM in a Unique Collaboration


Brian Fuller smiling
Image via PCOM.
Brian Fuller is a student at Cabrini University participating in the partnership with PCOM.

A unique partnership between Cabrini University and Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) is providing research opportunities for historically underrepresented students in science and psychology.  

Brian Fuller, a nontraditional biology student at Cabrini University, is a prime example of the program’s success. With a background in sports and a deep interest in biology, Fuller has spent three summers at PCOM, working closely with medical research teams.  

Under the guidance of Dr. Kerin Claeson, a professor of anatomy, Fuller has been delving into the world of lungfish fossils, some estimated to be 70 million years old. 

The program, spanning eight weeks, equips students with skills to formulate research questions, design experiments, and present their findings.  

Fuller’s dedication is evident as he often spends extra hours in the lab, driven by a passion for research. “I’m hooked on using my brain instead of my body to feel fulfilled,” he said.

Steven Morency, a senior at Cabrini, has been exploring lens and cornea tissue research. He emphasizes the program’s role in nurturing his scientific curiosity.  

 “I view science as constantly growing and changing, which also sums up my life. The more realms of science I get exposed to, the more my curiosity to learn about them flourishes,” Morency said.  

Jacquelyn Gerhart, director of the bioimaging facility at PCOM, highlights the fresh perspectives brought by these students, asserting that diverse ideas propel scientific advancement. 

This collaboration not only benefits the students but also enriches PCOM’s research endeavors, bringing in fresh perspectives and advancing various projects.  

For a comprehensive look into this transformative partnership and the inspiring stories of its participants, delve into the full article on PCOM’s website. 

PCOM’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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