Five Percent Toll Increase Approved by Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission for Next Year


Pennsylvania Turnpike sign
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The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission approves a five percent toll increase for 2024 that will raise the most common E-ZPass toll.

Driving on the Pennsylvania Turnpike is about to become more expensive, as the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission recently approved a five percent toll increase for 2024, write Patrick Damp and John Shumway for CBS News.

The new rates will take effect on January 7 and will apply to both E-ZPass holders and Toll By Plate.

“As in previous years, the PTC is obligated to raise rates annually as part of its legislative mandate to provide PennDOT supplemental funding for transit systems around the state as outlined by Act 44 of 2007,” said Pennsylvania Turnpike CEO Mark Compton.

“While these payments were once $450 million a year, they have been reduced to $50 million annually. However, our organization had to borrow to make those payments, which total nearly $8 billion.”

The most common toll for E-ZPass holders will increase from $1.80 to $1.90, while Toll By Plate customers will now have to pay $4.70 instead of the current $4.40.

Meanwhile, class-5 tractor-trailer tolls will go up from $14.40 to $15.20 for E-ZPass as well as $29.40 to $30.90 for Toll by Plate.

Read more about the increase at CBS News.

Pennsylvania Turnpike toll increases 5 percent in 2024.

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