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Imagine entering the bustling premises of Armstrong World Industries, a titan in the local manufacturing scene here in Pennsylvania, and being met with the harmonious hum of machinery, the clear tones of a paging system, and a network of cameras strategically positioned to monitor every intricate detail of the production process.

Over the years, manufacturing has been perceived as a sector that is slowly shifting overseas, often leaving local workers and communities in a state of uncertainty. Today, though, the tide is shifting as local businesses continue to prosper in Pennsylvania.

Numerous industrial manufacturing companies in the area are thriving, primarily due to technological advancements. Haverford Systems is at the forefront of this transformation, helping these businesses modernize their operations and achieve operational efficiency with its cutting-edge AV technology.

Haverford Systems’ long-time client, Lancaster-based Armstrong World Industries, serves as an exemplary case study for this type of modernization in industrial manufacturing. The numerous projects undertaken by Armstrong range from updating its meeting spaces with advanced video communications technology to enhancing office sound masking, integrating video surveillance for manufacturing floor areas, and installing high-quality paging audio systems.

This success story is not an isolated incident but part of a larger trend that is picking up pace in industrial manufacturing.

“We are now working on some very advanced computer vision projects that include PTZ cameras that can optimize product inspection,” said Paul Richards, Chief Revenue Officer for Haverford Systems. “The boom in AI and computer vision is really impacting industrial manufacturing, and our team is excited to be deploying systems that make American manufacturing more efficient. We have used the PTZOptics cameras in automated systems that inspect car parts 24/7 for some of the world’s biggest global manufacturers. Our latest case study with Toyota is a modern example of what manufacturers of all sizes can start doing.”

Manufacturing has long played a key role in southeastern Pennsylvania, and companies like Haverford Systems are pivotal in modernizing the industry. By integrating innovative AV technology into traditional manufacturing processes, these firms are transforming the sector, making it more efficient, productive, and competitive.

As manufacturing in Pennsylvania is revving up, Haverford Systems is leading the charge. We’re blending traditional processes with state-of-the-art tech, injecting efficiency, and igniting a competitive spirit. It’s not just about reviving an industry. It’s about restoring hope, pride, and a sense of community.

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R.T. Chalfant is an Integration Sales Account Manager at Haverford Systems. Raised in West Chester and an alumnus of Earlham College in Indiana, R.T. is passionate about connecting customers with the best new technologies available today and excels at understanding customer needs and translating them into successful design and integration solutions. When R.T. is not working his magic in AV integration, he’s enjoying time with his wife and two children. A devoted Philadelphia sports fan, he also loves golfing, camping, and trips to the shore.

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