S&T Bank Proudly Supports 11-Year-Old’s Nonprofit, Domyz Mission

Dominic of Domyz Mission.
Image via S&T Bank.
Dominic of Domyz Mission.
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It’s been said that if you want to achieve true personal happiness, you should help someone else in need. If finding joy in helping others is one of life’s greatest lessons, Dominic, founder of Domyz Mission, learned this piece of wisdom at a very young age. 

At just ten-years-old, Dominic used his own allowance money to help the homeless he saw around him by founding the nonprofit organization, Domyz Mission in Lancaster. Observing so many individuals with a need for even basic supplies, he purchased the necessary items to create care packages for donation.

Now at the age of 11, Dominic continues his calling of service and asks others to spread the word and help bring some happiness to those who may be going without.  

Inspired by the important work being done at Domyz Mission, Frank Monterosso, brand ambassador at S&T Bank, proudly supports the vision of the organization. “S&T thoughtfully considers how each sponsorship will impact the community and how our donations can benefit people in need. We make people our purpose and we were happy to recently contribute one thousand dollars to Domyz Mission.” 

S&T Regional Banking Manager in the Central, PA area, Lauren Mariani, is also pleased to sponsor these worthy efforts, stating, “Our goal as a community-minded Bank is to strengthen and improve the lives of our neighbors where we live and work.” 

According to Dominic, “So far we have helped out over one hundred people! We are truly grateful for all the help.” 

To learn more about Domyz Mission, visit the wesbite.

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