Research of Psychedelic Compounds as Possible Treatments for Depression Rises in Philadelphia, Nationwide

Psychedelic Research
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Jason Wallach, a professor at St. Joseph’s University, has been researching psychedelic compounds as possible treatments for depression and other mental illnesses for over a decade, writes Aubrey Whelan for The News and Observer.

When he first started, he believed he would spend his entire career laboring in obscurity. However, things have changed significantly over the last ten years. Now, the Food and Drug Administration has started taking steps to advise scientists who are studying these drugs, which is a sign that the federal government is paying close attention to this rapidly expanding research field.

“They realize there’s a lot of studies going on actively and likely to be a lot more,” said Wallach.

Philadelphia has especially recorded a rising interest in the field of psychedelics in the last several years. Last November, a conference at the Independence Visitor Center drew hundreds of advocates and therapists who wanted to learn how to better navigate the fast-growing industry.

There is also a small but expanding group of clinicians in the city who incorporate psychedelic therapy into their work despite Pennsylvania still not having legalized many psychedelic drugs for therapeutic use.

Read more about the growing field in The News and Observer.


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