Philadelphia Photo Blog Spotlights City’s Street Art, Monuments and Murals


Conrad Benner and Nile Livingston
Image and caption via The New York Times.
Nile Livingston, left, and Mr. Benner discussed plans for a mural by Mx. Livingston that would eventually appear on the wall behind them.

Philadelphia is full of gorgeous street art, and one man has made it his job to put it all online, writes Joshua Needelman for The New York Times.

Conrad Benner runs Streets Dept, a photo blog and social media presence that is dedicated to spotlighting Philadelphia’s street artists. As part of his mission, he interviews artists on video and takes photographs of their work. He also selects artists for Mural Arts Philadelphia, the largest public art program in the nation.

His goal is to “serve the artists in all ways,” said Benner.

“He’s a bridge in the public art community,” said Nile Livingston, an artist who was recently featured by Benner. “He stops and slows down and observes the things around him, and he really cares about the city of Philadelphia.”

When documenting art, Benner, who started Streets Dept in 2011, always makes sure to draw attention to the artists that he supports.

“My interest was always at pointing the camera outwards,” he said. “I find deep joy and interest in learning about the world around me through public art and the artists who make it.”

Read more about street art in The New York Times or visit Conrad’s Street Dept blog.


Conrad Benner runs Streets Dept, a photo blog that documents and celebrates street art and muralism across Philly’s public spaces.

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